Close to Midnight Glow in the Dark Enamel Pin


Didn't get your fill of Reese's Pieces and juice boxes that make you sleepy the first time around? Well then you're in luck because your favorite Alien and Predator duo are back In this Thrilling new "Close To Midnight" Glow-In-The-Dark Edition! This limited edition variant of only 200 never-to-be-produced-again pieces were available only at SDCC 2016 but we're making the remaining run available exclusively through Disburst! This creepy collaboration between pin artist Allways Holdn and bootleg toy "artist" Special Ed Toys comes as a 2" soft enamel pin mounted on a 2.5"x3.75" card back. This ghoulish edition features a variant sickly E.T. (that darn Elliot must've given him a bad case of mono again) and the always hungry for Pretty Young. . .Brains, Zombie Michael! So grab yours now before one of them phones home and hitches a ride back to Uranus (terrible, I know) and the other bails to go crash a slumber party. . .

*the purchasing of this item may lead to immediate buyers remorse and the act of kicking rocks
*designed in 'Merica (unlike E.T.)
*made somewhere in China (like everything else you own)
*quality sold separately

By Special Ed Toys and Allways Holdn'

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