Illuminating the Stars Coloring Book


Illuminating the Stars features 33 beautifully drawn portraits of famous and forgotten stars of early Hollywood. While early films are often envisioned as being entirely black-and-white, many silent pictures were highlighted, tinted, toned, hand-colored, or even shot in color. Breathe colors of your choice into the world of the silver screen! Decorate your favorite show people today.

Featured within:
•Buster Keaton
•Olive Borden
•Florence Lawrence
•Larry Semon
•John Gilbert
•Mary Pickford
•Roscoe Fatty Arbuckle
•Mabel Normand
•Nina Mae McKinney
•Lya De Putti
•Martha Mansfield
•Lon Chaney
•Anna May Wong
•Mary Nolan
•Lou Tellegen
•The Dollie sisters: Rosie & Jenny
•Karl Dane
•Jeanne Eagles
•Louise Brooks
•Charlie Chaplin
•Lottie Pickford
•Jack Pickford
•Alma Rubens
•Bela Lugosi
•Thelma Todd
•Ramon Novarro
•Mayo Methot
•Tom Mix
•Rudolph Valentino
•Natacha Rambova
•Juanita Hansen
•Myrtle Gonzalez
•Russ Columbo
•Clara Bow



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