Rock and Rollsary--Ian Curtis


This one features the singer from the seminal British post punk band Joy Division..Ian Curtis. Curtis, who suffered from personal problems that included severe depression, a failing marriage, and epilepsy, found it increasingly difficult to perform at live concerts, during which he occasionally collapsed into seizures.

In May 1980, on the eve of the band's first American tour, Curtis, aged 23, committed suicide. The group's second and final album, Closer, was released two months later; the album and preceding single "Love Will Tear Us Apart" became the band's highest charting release. After Curtis's death, the remaining members continued as New Order and achieved critical and commercial success. Although their career spanned less than four years, Joy Division have continued to exert a vast influence on a variety of subsequent artists.

This rosary is made with white plastic pearly rose beads, and a silver skull lays on top of the traditional cross. This rosary is long enough (27") to fit over the head and worn as jewelry. This would be addition to a shrine or altar and makes a great gift for any Joy Division fan.  

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