Rock and Rollsary--Johnny Thunders


Made by What the Rock?!, these rosaries pay homage to rock and roll stars both living and dead. Pray to the gods and goddesses of rock!  Each rosary has the traditional 59 beads and can be used to pray.  They are one of a kind and handmade.  They can also be worn as a necklace, or hung as a decoration in your home or in the car. This one features American punk/rock singer, songwriter and guitarist of the New York Dolls ( and later, the Heartbreakers,) Johnny Thunders.  (1952-1991).  It is made with small green and black plastic heart shaped beads, a black skull and silver cross.  It has a small silver angel wing below the picture. It has a great punk rock color scheme of pink, green and black.  This rosary is long enough (27") to fit over the head and worn as jewelry.

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